Roe v Wade is a woman’s right to privacy & liberty.

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In 1973 the Supreme Court decided in the Roe v Wade case that an American’s 14th Amendment right to privacy & liberty gives a woman seeking to abort a pregnancy a legal option to act in most cases. Previously, all abortions were illegal. Since then, it has been the law of the land, without ever becoming law. There are now two opposing positions, Pro-Choice, that agrees with Roe, and Pro-Life that totally disagrees with the decision.

There are some very important points to mention about this and why I decided to make this issue the first article.

The Republican Party message is less government intrusion. This is glaringly opposite to that message. Less government intrusion, except in the most intimately private decision any American can make.

Five Republicans and two Democrats agreed the Constitution supersedes the moral outrage of the action.

The Supreme Court precedent is sound and just. Democrats claim that Republicans will someday overturn the precedent if ever given a Supreme Court majority. A 6-3 Republican majority set the precedent in 1973, so that seemed unlikely. At no time since then, has the majority party attempted to make a law or amend the Constitution to decriminalize abortion. Opportunity lost. More religious influence has taken control of the Republican Party. We’re approaching a time when the voice of most Americans needs to be heard and acted on regarding the right for a woman to abort a pregnancy.

An American can be Pro-Choice by agreeing that abortions must be safe, legal, and rare, and still not be pro-abortion. I believe this is where most Americans are on the morally objective act of abortion—


The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case in the 2021 term that challenges the length of time a woman has to decide. Generally, Roe v Wade sets that deadline at viability, the time a baby is likely to survive outside the womb. The new Mississippi law that is being heard after being rejected in two lower courts sets the deadline at 15 weeks.

It’s difficult to tell what the Supreme Court’s motive for hearing the case might be. It’s my hope they want to uphold a woman’s 14th Amendment right to privacy & liberty and put an end to speculation that a 6-3 Republican SCOTUS majority would strip that right. It’s horrifying to consider their motive could be to use the Republican majority to erode, then overturn the right.

I turned 12 years old in 1973 and recall adults around me discussing Roe v Wade. I formed my pro-choice opinion then by understanding that decriminalization of abortion moved a morally objective act out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Women without legal choices were getting abortions in secret, non-medical rooms and at times abortions were self-inflicted. Women and girls were dying.

The 118th Congress should commence an amend to the US Constitution to decriminalize abortion. We can never return to the way it was before 1973.

Randell Hynes

Candidate for Representative of Nevada Congressional District 03

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