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It’s common-sense that laws keep honest people honest. This is a free society. Americans have a right to bear arms, not to protect Us from each other, but to protect Us from an out of control government.

Is the right for an American to have a gun and the ability to buy a gun the cause of murder sprees?

Suppose the strictest and most unlikely law was passed that stopped the sale of all guns.

There are nearly 400 million privately owned guns in the US. So, what law would make a difference? The law against murdering someone, has the most severe consequences and has zero impact on the way these murderers act. It’s impossible to stop anyone in this country from getting a gun if they want one. Even if sales are 100% illegal. If you can’t stop Americans from getting guns, then how do you stop Americans from murdering people with a gun. You cannot 100%.

If 1) the sale of guns can be eliminated as the likely problem, and 2) the consequence of the most horrible crime of murder is not a deterrent, there is no law that will stop someone from getting a gun to commit a murder, or murders. Committing murder sprees is clearly an abnormal action and we have to look at the common factors of murder sprees and learn why an American would choose to murder Americans they don’t know.

I believe the frequency of the most horrible of these acts, murder sprees, can be reduced. Let’s walk through it.

Common factors of murder sprees that we can sensibly agree:

  1. Often, the murderer had a history of mental illness,
  2. Sometimes the murderers inclinations to commit violence is known to authorities,
  3. Often the murderer had no escape plan, or failed to execute an escape,
  4. Often the murderer is killed on the scene,
  5. Often the murderer is not acquainted with the Americans murdered,
  6. Seemingly, the consequences of breaking the most horrible of laws and the greatest sin against fellow humans is not considered,
  7. A gun is used, because it was available, and it put the murderer on the scene, where they can exercise a final act of control, then die, without having all control taken away,
  8. There is 24-hour media coverage of the murders for days or weeks,
  9. Americans want to know who it was and why they did it,
  10. There is media mention of the murderer by name each time other murders occur,
  11. The murderer is forever, and often posthumously infamous, instead of unknown and living a marginal life,
  12. They are sometimes characterized by the media, not as a murderer, but with terms like Lone Wolf, or simply, “the shooter”, or active shooter,
  13. In cases where terrorism is a motive, the media coverage is sufficient to achieve the fear intended by the murderers,
  14. In American culture we make murderers famous. And unfortunately, a murder spree makes “good” news,
  15. Press in 1776 meant, of course, a newspaper that may reach thousands of Americans eventually. The news it contained was painstakingly gathered, analyzed to make the most of the available space and printed. It was often old news by the time it was delivered. Today it is a 24/7, 365 days instant digital stream into every American home and around the world.

In summary, an American living a marginal life, often with a history of mental illness and frequently suicidal, sees a chance to become infamous for eternity. The instant media coverage is inevitable. The infamy is real and inevitable. The consequences of laws or personal safety were never considered.

Consider infamy isn’t the motive. It’s difficult to understand why anyone would commit a murder spree. What other motive could there be? Glance over the fifteen points above and try to imagine if the factors were different, then why would an American get a gun, go somewhere public, kill strangers, and not plan or try to escape. Why wouldn’t they do otherwise to remain anonymous.

One hopeful thought is that with each murder spree, the murderer is added to a growing list of murderers and the infamy is diluted. A horrific thought is that a murderer may seek to outdo other murderers in order to gain relevant notoriety. The media is keen to point out a new record body count. And quick to point out something that distinguishes the murder spree from others. Hate crime, for instance.

Stop Murder Sprees

If you agree with the points listed above are a realistic analysis, then it would be reasonable to say the problem is American’s fascination with murderers and the media’s willingness to share every detail to feed that wondering. We don’t want admit that we wonder and are curious about the details.

A solution, or at least a major step towards a solution, to stopping the frequency of murder sprees, would be better media responsibility stopping notoriety that murderers want that makes them infamous.

Freedom of the Press and a Right to Bear Arms are cornerstones of the Constitution. It’s easy to consider Gun Control as a solution. It’s not the problem though. It’s horrible to contemplate that Americans and American children are dying and that our children know terms like shelter in place. Gun control is a politically motivated issue. The left wing is already committed to their position as Gun Control advocates. It seems like a natural position for the political party that wants more government control.

Overcoming the problem of notoriety is difficult for many reasons. The media will not admit that it’s a problem, and even if they did admit it, they gain too much to otherwise change the way they act. Much of the media has a political agenda and blaming guns helps their cause and deflects from their role. The left wing is in concert with most media corporations.

The media has previously taken steps to avoid mentions of sensitive issues like teen suicide to avoid more teen suicides. This phenomenon and copycat crimes are a real thing that are at times the result of publicity. Laws did not force media to act.

The Middle Party says no laws or erosion of Constitutional rights are needed. More media responsibility is needed to help solve the problem.

Generally speaking, more media responsibility is needed to restore confidence in Americans that the Constitutional rights for the press to operate unencumbered are deserved and not abused. Americans seem to be weary of the media using freedom of the press to conduct biased, instant, digital political messaging into our homes 24 hours a day.

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Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Rampart Caucus—US.

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