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Americans will no longer tolerate an intentional campaign to divide us!

This article isn’t intended to address Race or Racism as an issue, because it’s not an issue in America, except when it’s used as a weapon to divide us. Each American’s behavior reveals their true character, regardless of their physical characteristics. Most Americans are good people that have never judged anyone solely on their skin color, economic class, beliefs or their profession. Judging someone “by the content of their character” is revealed by observing the way they act.

Members of Congress have revealed their true character by continually encouraging Americans that agree with their side’s policy positions to estrange other Americans by labeling them. Race, Racism, Income, Immigration, Healthcare, Guns, Police, Abortion, Crime, Protests, Climate and many other topics important to Americans are being used as pieces in a game of chess to win political power. In concert, the Democratic Party and their multimedia allies tell minorities they are oppressed by the majority in a class war strategy meant to divide us. Sadly, our children pick up on the rhetoric that the color of their skin either makes them oppressed, or an oppressor.

The Middle Party is simply not accepting the hijack of our National Identity for political gain.

Again, most Americans are kind people and believe the color of an American’s skin and their beliefs aren’t relevant to how they’re treated. Black, white, brown, green, Christian, Jew, secular, rich, poor, nor if you worship bacon or believe you’re a girl instead of boy, something in between, or if you love someone of the same gender, you’re an American, with equal opportunities and rights. No group of Americans will be favored over another.

This political power game is being forced on us as a culture/class/race war, which reveals a lot about the character of our leaders and representatives. A culture war is intended to win control of the government based on promises to implement a new set of laws that reflect the wants, needs and desires of most people. The motives of any leaders of cultural wars throughout history may have been sincere. Who knows? History shows us that class/culture wars and using labels to divide a country have not achieved their promises. Far from it. “Successful class war” does not Google well and reveals a history of failure and human misery.

The Democratic Party has never carried through and implemented any promises that worked as intended. Even the Civil Rights Bill of 1965 has failed to give generations of most American minorities opportunities that improve their lives in America. The rate of poverty has never dropped and the number of Americans living below the poverty line grows every year as the US population increases. 43 million Americans live in poverty in 2021. Democrats claim to be the champion of minority Americans. Minority Americans, given two choices, mostly choose the Democratic Party. It seems minority community leaders find it easier to move legislation through the Democratic Party. I would be more interested in what powerful Minority Mothers believe and what they need. I believe they would appreciate the Middle Party plan to help them succeed.

The Middle Party will not play the labeling game. Only actions that advance the priorities of Americans are acceptable. Previous actions and motives can reveal the character of the Americans that agree to share and promote a Political Party platform then compete for our votes to run the US Government.

Conservatives (also known as the Right, GOP, the Grand Old Party, the Republican Party, and the Party of Lincoln) want to simply maintain our freedoms, as outlined in the US Constitution. The Separation of Powers (Checks and Balances) of our three branch government is designed to move slowly, preserve our liberties and make it impossible for our government to become tyrannical. Conserve by definition is to protect from change. Yet, conservatives are called divisive labels like racists, un-American, gun-loving, white supremacists and a myriad of other defamatory labels by the Left. Republican Party members spend a great deal of time against the ropes defending themselves from accusations from the Democratic Party.

Religious influence has positioned the Republican Party as pro-life. Even so, all Republicans are not pro-life, all Democrats are not pro-choice, and being pro-choice doesn’t mean that you’re pro-abortion. Common-sense says select pro-choice so that abortions stay safe and legal, even though the act is morally objective. America can’t return to the way it was before 1973, when abortion was illegal, unsafe and women (and girls) were dying.

The Middle Party embraces conservative values, common-sense policies like pro-choice, and rejects the divisive labeling by the Democratic Party. It’s time to cut up the nation’s credit cards, tighten our belts and adhere to a budget. I believe the majority of Americans in the middle agree with this position. After we organize Middle Party as the majority party we’ll have the numbers needed to return the US Government back to the people, then we can implement common-sense change and raise everyone up. Plans for a 21st Century Homestead Act, Opportunity Zones 2.0 and nationwide school voucher requirements are just the start to the levels of cooperation between the States and big business needed to move America forward.

I challenge the Democratic Party to disparage Middle Party ideals with their ridicule, labels and mocking. It just won’t stick.

Conservatism has made America what it is today. If you feel free to speak your mind, and pursue whatever makes you happy in the most free country that ever existed, then thank conservatism. If you believe the government should take care of us, well, you have the freedom to start a non-profit organization here and collect donations from like-minded Americans and help others. The US Government is not a charity. The narrow mindset by politicians is that the hard earned portion of our earnings sent to the government as taxes can be spent on things most Americans would never consider a national priority, or inefficiently sent back to our States at a cost, or sent outside the country for who knows what. All that has to stop. Especially printing or borrowing more money when the $4 Trillion we send to Washington D.C. has been spent.

Liberals (also known as the Left, the Democratic Party) have become publicly and inexplicably aligned with condoning lawlessness, at the border, during protests turned violent and deadly, by condoning criminals and criticizing police. They negatively label the Republican Party and all conservative supporters simply because we don’t agree with them. The Left claims to have superior solutions for Americans, despite no history of ever doing so, and a history of “literally” doing just the opposite of what they claim to champion. The Democratic Party currently runs the Executive Branch and the House of Representatives and has a simple majority in the Senate. The only legislation they’ve pushed forward are omnibus spending bills and a couple of reasonable immigration bills to fix the problems caused by condoning illegal immigration.

Their actions defy logic. Where is the priority to use their majority position to stand up for the nearly 600,000 Americans that have died from Covid-19? Their priority is to rant and further divide America over the January 6th riot. Their actions to condone the 700 riots in 2020, brewed from 10,000 protests that killed dozens of Americans, caused billions of dollars in damage and theft made the actions of that single day, January 6th, seem routine. The Democratic Party leaders decided to stay silent about the violence for the entire year until the violence came knocking.

Given these points, what character speaks for you?

Pledge time, tell two people, setup a Meetup in your city to tell ten people, contribute a few dollars to cover the costs this campaign.

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Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Rampart Caucus—US.

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