COVID-19 Failures

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It has seemed likely from the early days of the lockdowns that the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute where it was being studied. It took media over a year to begin reporting and somewhat agree it was likely.

It seems unlikely that the Chinese government released the virus on purpose. If that was the intent it was poorly executed and non-strategic.

I believe the origin specifics aren’t as relevant as the fact that the Chinese government failed to stop people from leaving China at the same time travel was restricted within China.

The US Government has showed no concern for standing up for Americans who died and who lost love ones. Chinese officials made choices that killed millions of people around the world.
Still media here and most people show no outrage.

And sadly our party leaders and media made political choices over the good of the American people. The NIH’s involvement with related studies at the Wuhan Institute was never revealed until emails showed the US funded corona virus engineering.

Decisions about how to react are polarized in party narratives. The Left refuses to take a stand against China and has effectively shutdown the Right. The Right’s message has been consistent but hasn’t gotten any traction until the NIH emails were released.

Americans seem to be entrenched politically about how to respond. Maybe still in shock. But largely willing to accept the slant from their party news source of choice.

It’s was very disappointing how little effort was made by media outlets for gathering and sharing information that could’ve helped us during the pandemic.

Across the board there has been a uncharacteristic and disappointing lack of outrage by Americans and the world.

We should demand action.

Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Rampart Caucus—US.

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