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Can America’s Majority Take Back Governing to Add Innovation To National Priorities?

Las Vegas scale training opportunities for all Americans.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”—Wizard of Oz

There is a yellow brick road for curing many of the problems most Americans agree should be prioritized. By building on the foundation of Senator Tim Scott’s Opportunity Zones there is a chance for America to move forward with all of the innovative power that liberty provides to improve equality, justice, rights and opportunity.

To reach that legendary path though, America needs to find common ground to break the gridlock in Washington D.C., with ideas outlined in US “Major” Parties Have No Clothes!, and promoted by hundreds of bridging organizations around the country. In summary, neither the Democratic or Republican Parties can advance any policy. Each will always oppose the other. Since nothing basic can be advanced, nothing innovative is ever considered.

Fort Opportunity Zone is a proposed centralized training center for military and civilian training funded by tax and private dollars. This proposal is specific to a high scale project modeled in the northwest Las Vegas, Nevada valley. It’s an example of a ramp up of Opportunity Zones 2017.

Opportunity Zones described in Budget Priorities is an active Federal policy that is being supported across the country with distributed efforts. There are 8,764 opportunity zones recognized by the IRS from recommendations of State Governors. Each of the 8,764 OZs has its own solutions. Fort OZ or other such plans would centralize training with all available resources.

These are available resources, some of which are unique to this region:

  • American ingenuity,
  • Nevada big build experience with a proven track record,
  • Trained workforce,
  • Unused Federal land (US Government owns most land within Nevada’s borders),
  • Repurpose Military funding by centralizing troop training, transition home training, overseas deployment costs,
  • Overseas service member reduction,
  • Reuse of Department of Education assets,
  • New Homestead Act for land grants of newly surveyed lands adjacent to Fort OZ,
  • Best solar resources for region wide Solar Cooperative,
  • Supporting Air Force Base for Rapid Global Military Deployment after overseas reduction,
  • Interstate Highway access,
  • Multiple Internet trunks in support of national Internet security,
  • Investment from each OZ that chooses to participate towards development of both private and repurposed OZ funds,
  • Full force and confidence of the US Government,
  • Support of Americans who see this as a project for focused centralized training needed for starting needed businesses in opportunity zones,
  • Support of American majority that believes reducing poverty through education and related opportunities for jobs and new businesses should be a national priority.

Fort OZ would be a greenfield master planned city with the single goal of training useful and needed skills to large groups of Americans largely selected by local community need councils, supported by the SBA as required with continued follow up by local mentors. It would perfect training as an industry. Besides the trainees from individual OZs, in order to take advantage of economies of scale many other groups that need identical training and similar opportunities would attend training.

In addition to Opportunity Zones candidates, these groups need similar training, adding increased value and long-term support:

  • Service member training for facilities and vehicle maintenance,
  • Service members transitioning to civilian life,
  • Volunteers of a proposed National Service Program,
  • Cyber Defense Trainees of a proposed ramp up to national Internet security,
  • Health Emergency Trainees of a proposed Pandemic Response Program,
  • Public Officials Mental Health Interaction Trainees (Denver STAR modeled),
  • Senior Care for new Fort OZ senior care facilities and central caregiver training,
  • Needed Solar PV system designers and installers,
  • Needed Energy efficiency technicians,
  • Needed Trades workers and potential SBA candidates as an extension of a ramped up OZ,
  • National Guard and Army Reserve Trainees as required,
  • Train the Trainer Programs as required,
  • Active Duty Army Training permanent station,
  • Active Duty Marine Training permanent station,
  • Adult Prisoners nominated by parole boards for transition training,
  • Centralized Police Academy & Crisis Intervention Training.

Trainees are adults, 18 years or older, high school graduates. Other criteria and entrance requirements would be determined later. States and local school districts will continue the job of educating our kids to prepare for post high school lives. Unsupported by federal dollars. Fort OZ and other such projects can be there to train Americans for the myriad of jobs that support our communities. An alternative to University education that largely has different goals.

Although Fort OZ is an imaginary place, like the movie, it represents hope that each of us can move forward on a path of hope that will elevate us, contribute to the community and make us happy as we progress through each phase of our lives. Making it a reality has many barriers, including a historic paradigm shift towards a US Government run by true representatives chosen by their plan for advancing the national policy priorities of the majority of Americans. “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home… Oh Auntie Em, it’s you.“—Dorothy said as she woke from a dream surrounded by people similar to characters in her dream. outro-Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

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Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Rampart Caucus—US.

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