A Powerful Majority Already Exists

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A majority of Americans already agree on national policy priorities. The Middle Party plan is to show Americans that a powerful majority exists, make a list of common-ground priorities well-known so Americans can elect Senators, Representatives and a President who claim to have the best plan to cures the problems we’ve prioritized.

There is a virtual trailhead where Americans can meet to begin the years long trek to return the Constitutional promise of a Republic to States and return governing to the People.

Directions to the US Majority Trailhead:

  1. 44% of Americans do not affiliate with a political party. Only a minority of Americans, 30% Democratic Party and 24% Republican affiliate with each so-called “major” party. | Gallup 2004-2021

  2. Most Americans are pro choice. 60% of Americans do not oppose abortion. | Pew Research

  3. 30% of Americans do not agree with their affiliated party’s position on abortion. A potential of 11 million Republicans and 32 million Democrats do not oppose abortion and might consider the Middle Party. | Pew Research

  4. Only 68% of Americans eligible to voters participated in the November 2020 presidential election. There are many reasons, but 77 million voter did not participate. | Pew Research

    The Middle Party message of hope is anticipated to attract these Americans to vote again, or for the first time.

  5. Hundreds of “bridging” organizations have proven consistently that the Americans from opposite ends of the US political spectrum can agree on common ground issues by talking one on one or in small groups. | Citizen Connect | Listen First | Braver Angels

    The concept of bridging is limited. It proves, over and over, that common ground exists, but provides no forward looking vision other than that there is a way forward. The Middle Party is using research and common-sense to light a path forward and present a forward looking platform that most Americans can agree on.

  6. Millions of Americans want and deserve another choice at the ballot box. The Middle Party claim is that a majority of Americans can agree on the national policy priorities. And that the two party system has left the US Government incapable of considering even basic cures for the problems we face across the country. Since each party will always oppose any idea of the other. So, since basic ideas can’t be successful, innovative ideas aren’t even considered. | Google

    To maintain power the two minority parties engage in labeling that divides Americans against Americans. Broad sweeping terms characterize half of Americans as evil and the other half as righteous.

    It’s just common-sense that we can’t vote first, then expect these two minority factions to go to Washington and agree on anything.

  7. Before each presidential election, for as long as it takes, Americans need to publish a document that outlines the national policy priorities of the majority. These well-known priorities will define how we elect our representatives and a leader.

  8. The Middle Party will not campaign as a third party, defusing any speculation that votes taken away from one side will give the other side an advantage. Not until a document of priorities is published, made well-known and there is overwhelming support will we offer a candidate.

    Revealing a list of priorities of the American majority may be enough for Parties to realign focus. If not, in time The Middle Party, some other centrist group, or ideally no parties at all will fill the void of common-sense in Washington to move policy priorities forward.

  9. The Middle Party has published 12 of 19 of the Common-Sense, Common Ground articles to details a path forward. The articles are ideas by Randell S. Hynes based on the overt values that have made the United States of America the greatest country to ever exist, studying research and common sense.

  10. In our lifetimes the number of people living in poverty has increased with population. Over 43 million Americans live below the poverty line. To give all Americans the opportunities needed to succeed requires innovative ideas to cure the problems, not just treat the symptoms of decades of failed policy, or lament over the obvious racial disparities.

    Millions of American children go to bed hungry every night. Americans want to cure this problem.
  11. Represent Us makes a case for using the historical pattern of the Federal law being adopted after the trending popularity of State laws. Rep Us proposes passing State and Local Anti-Corruption Laws to stop legal bribery of Legislators. This parallel track will provide attention to the gridlock we face. A couple of barriers to success make this effort seem doubtful. Eventually, Congress will have to vote against the behavior. Rep Us claims that States have the sole right to make election laws. Unfortunately, the “We The People Act” being sponsored by House Members is based on Congresses right to overturn State election laws.
  12. There are many problems that require federal level centralized cures by the US Government:
  • Pro choice Constitutional Amendment,
  • Support of Law Enforcement by messaging and training,
  • Call for media responsibility downplaying notoriety from murder sprees,
  • Re-enforce US border security, then bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and legalize their position in society,
  • Enforce pre-existing protections for all, and provide for Seniors with 100% Medicare. A message of commitment to generations of Americans that care for aging Americans is a top priority, and no senior citizen should ever have to pay for medical care, nursing or prescription drugs,
  • Minimal changes to the tax laws for assuring a minimum tax rate for each income level and zero taxes for Americans livings under the poverty line. The US Government get nearly $4 Trillion per year in tax revenue, which is more than enough to pay for priorities and reduce the national debt over time. Innovation that includes private investment in public projects is the key to a successful budgeting strategy.
  • Add REAL ID requirements for federal elections to protect every legally cast vote,
  • Promote Stewardship of a Healthy Planet, as opposed to the divisive climate change narrative that presents too many barriers to success to ever move forward, or make a real difference,
  • Intolerance by Americans to accept the divisive nature of two party politics,
  • Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana,
  • Opportunity Zones 2.0 to provide centralized training for tens of millions of Americans in support of new and existing programs,
  • 21st Century Homesteads Act,
  • Federal Solar Co-ops to provide the opportunity for any American the options to invest in solar electricity,
  • Equal treatment of all Belief groups, without favor of one group over another,
  • National Service Program,
  • Foreign Policy that recognizes our position as a global leader and balances domestic priorities and budget constraints.
  • Congressional Term Limits Constitutional Amendment,
  • Department of Education Restructuring,
  • Department of Energy Restructuring and revisit energy independence steps,
  • Reaffirm States Rights and effects of unfunded mandates,
  • Return governing to the people with all of the innovation available to provide comprehensible feedback to Senators and Representatives from Constituents. Then maintain the Republic promised to States by the Constitution and assure the People continue to govern, with the same direct and secure digital platform.
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Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Rampart Caucus—US.

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