American Priorities are No Longer Represented

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How have we arrived at a point where our only choices were Donald Trump or Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, and American priorities are no longer represented?

The United States of America was founded as a Republic by a Constitutional promise to States that would give Americans representation in Congress and a choice for leader.

A Republic no longer exists and Americans no longer have true representation in Congress. Representatives and Senators only represent their minority party label with little or no interaction with the Americans who hired them.

They go to Washington DC with the intent of supporting bills by their party & opposing bills of the other side. No basic ideas can proceed.

Innovation is needed to cure the root problems. #1 Reducing poverty with an investment in our children & more efficient use of taxes. Majority and Constituent two-way, or even one-way, communications is non-existent in a world with instant messaging. All of the technology and interest by Americans to directly participate already exist with feigned interest from elected officials. Does anyone even consider talking to their Senator or Representative is even possible, or does it seem futile?

If they want to hear from us directly or collectively, then where is the app for that? Hundreds of “bridging” organizations across the country are arranging thousands of conversations to show Americans, affiliated red or blue and unaffiliated, that there is common ground to move forward.

Their message: Hope is there. The Middle Party is using research, polls, conversations and common-sense to organize common ground observations into a document, Common-Sense, Common Ground.

That message: “Here is Hope”. The 19 draft articles will be completed by Labor Day 2021. 13 draft articles are currently posted.

It’s a living document that will change with the will of the American majority.

The American majority will be inspired by seeing their vision for America summarized. Before each Presidential election in an on-going cycle, the priorities of the American majority will be embodied in a platform document. The platform will be public and well-known. By knowing the will of most People, candidates, regardless of Party will be elected by their plan or support to move majority legislation forward with more innovative and efficient spending of our tax dollars. Prior to each Presidential election, The Middle Party (or whatever we label it) will hold a Continental Congress Convention to honor the 15 years it took to draft the US Constitution.

Enthusiasm from the event & ratification of the platform will carry into the election. American innovation will finally be possible in Congress. Party labels will be less relevant. Cures for problems, instead of calls for treating the symptoms that lead to nothing or make the problems worse, will lead the nation forward. A renewed interest by Representatives and Senators to know the position of the majority of Americans and their constituents will inspire app developers to create better ways for us to communicate. Perhaps, with today’s technology, there will no longer be a requirement for Representatives and Senators to convene in Washington DC. The Middle Party will organize and promote these ideas with an effort called Real American Majority Priorities Project—RAMPP.

As a software developer, I will develop a free app, also called, Real American Majority Priorities Project—RAMPP. Americans deserve more than a red or blue choice. We all want a good life, to be treated fairly and earn wages & further opportunities equal to our effort. I want to give my children a future with the same and not further indebt future generations.

I question the motives of anyone that doesn’t want the same. When Americans don’t have these things and opportunities seem further and further attainable, then we see the symptoms of those root problems. Our ire clouds reason and we want to legislate how we treat each other. How about if we just make choices at the ballot box to make more opportunities for all Americans possible, together. Pie in the sky?

There is an American majority with common-sense that refuses to be divided.

Make this project your voice.

Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Rampart Caucus—US.

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