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Belief Groups

All Americans should have equal protection based on beliefs. No group, religious or secular, should have rights over another group. Constitutional protection of Americans who identify as LGBQT+ hasn’t been finalized despite a movement for LGBTQ rights. Most Americans agree that these groups should should have protections formally specified. It Read more…

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Budget Priorities

I make insights here that repurpose tax money to expand on an existing program called Opportunity Zones. It’s a plan that incentivizes investment of private money to supplement tax dollars to help Americans living in over 8,000 areas designated by each State and accepted by the IRS as being “underserved”.

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Campaign to Divide Us

Americans will no longer tolerate an intentional campaign to divide us! This article isn’t intended to address Race or Racism as an issue, because it’s not an issue in America, except when it’s used as a weapon to divide us. Each American’s behavior reveals their true character, regardless of their Read more…

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Climate Change

This article started as a non-scientific perspective of the politically charged issue of Climate Change and Global Warming. It evolved while I wrote it to consider Climate Change and Global Warming as a label used to give us the perspective that we should be good stewards of the only known Read more…

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