Currently, there are zero Congress people that statistically represent more than about 25% of Americans. In reality, it’s less than that. Congress people should give zero consideration to anything other than the will of their constituents. Zero. More reality seeps in as Congress people give an unknown amount of consideration to the will of donors who contribute to their re-election campaign. There are other considerations that are given by Congress people that further degrade representation of the people. Like, choosing the red or blue party position for political gain, bargaining with votes to support other bills and emotional responses.

Americans have grown weary of the that way Congress operates. A Representative Democracy, a Republic, is what was intended. There are literally two private corporate entities that have hijacked the will of the people. The two controlling corporate parties and their corporate news allies control the narrative of extreme and minority positions, largely by focusing on and labeling the most radical and tiny elements of the opposing side. The narrative has created a vocal and emotional minority of Americans who are amplified by social media and corporate news.

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