Dear President Trump,

Thank you!

Millions of Americans appreciate you for standing up for economic conservatism, speaking your mind and for being a firewall for the divisive labeling strategy of the Left. For being a voice for the Right while we cowered, frightened that our neighbors might learn that we voted for you.

But no thank you!

We’re finding our voice and we’ll find a way to reach common ground with our neighbors without you. Too many Americans became enraged from your well-crafted name calling media control and can’t survive another four years. There are so many Americans that hate you, I don’t know how you survived the first four years. Did they “steal”? They hate you so much it’s possible. I watch the video of Joe Biden on the night of the election before he went to bed. I watch it and ask did he know something was afoot? Regardless, fade away.

The Republican Party that you represent no longer represents me. Your presence has polarized the Right. But I have no other choice than to vote Republican. The Democratic Party’s behavior, creep towards socialism and their hatred of you has polarized the Left. They also have no other choice. Out of 320 million plus native-born Americans 35 or over how did you and Joe Biden become our only choices for a leader? It defies logic.

Since a 6-3 Republican majority SCOTUS upheld Roe v Wade the church has hijacked the Republican Party. When I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan, I was unaware the GOP had changed their stance on abortion. Even as a 12-year-old Hoosier boy I knew the common sense of making abortion legal and safe was important in 1973. As a 60-year-old man I still see the common sense and the Republican Party no longer speaks for me and the majority of Americans.

The United States is too diverse of a country to have only a black or white political choice, and I believe the pro-choice majority is a good place to start a majority consensus. Pro-choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion. It just means that you believe we can’t return to the way it was before 1973 when women (and girls) were dying in secret non-medical rooms or alone in their bedroom.

The Democratic Party claims to champion minority causes and embraces the professional minority leaders. Legislation and leadership has not reduced poverty in our lifetime. A record 44 million Americans live below the poverty line. Too many minorities continue to be left behind, trapped because they view welfare and babies as opportunities. I formed this opinion in 1983 at a high school basketball game when I overheard two girls discussing how much welfare would pay them for each baby. As if it was a career plan and they had the system figured out.

A party should embrace the real leaders of minority communities, the Powerful Mothers of Color to give them the tools they each need. Help support them keep their children in school, choose better schools, decrease teenage pregnancy, build a trade or profession, and see a path out of poverty.

Consider this. Is the urban inner-city somewhere Americans go when they’re down on the luck? I certainly haven’t seen that occur. It seems more like somewhere generations of Americans have been trapped and there seems no way out for most. The single thing that haunts me since I started thinking seriously about these things is the statistic that 6 million American kids will go to bed hungry tonight. Have any of our leaders or legislators, past or present, with the ability to make changes lost sleep over that stark fact.

The fundamental choice of voting for one of two labels that represent completely opposite ideals has damned us. Namely the two-party system the founding fathers feared. Common ground will never be agreed on if we first vote by label then expect Americans selected by label to agree on a way forward. They will continue to vote party line based on the strategy of their party leaders. The voice of nearly half of Americans are always discounted.

The solution is to first shape common ground from ideals that we can sensibly agree, then choose a President from a pool of real leaders, and representatives all willing to achieve our agreed upon goals. But not by party.

America needs a 21st century Continental Congress. Not a governing body, but a convention to establish goals that support the US Constitution, our defense, lawfulness, justice, creates opportunities and establishes priorities. We’ll choose leaders and representatives based on their abilities to achieve the convention’s agreed upon goals, not by a black or white label.

The convention agreement will be submitted as a First Amendment petition demanding adherence by Congress. I believe it’s our only reasonable path forward.

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