Democratic Party Playbook

The Democratic Party has an ingenious strategy that controls the conversation to make the Republican Party seem like a roadblock to progress and position their party as the people’s champion by default. The Democratic Party goal is to discredit the Republican Party by using their deep media reach, not to offer any solution. Otherwise, where are the solutions? Democrats would reflexively say Republicans are blocking progress.

See if these traits in what Democrats and Democrat-friendly media narrative seem familiar, and account for their actions defying logic.

  1. They choose a position polar opposite of Republicans for any topic or policy, irrelevant of whether that it’s actually what they believe.
  2. On many topics or policies, the opposite position is contrary to law or common-sense.
  3. Democrats ignore the lawlessness of the position they’ve established.
  4. They agree on an across-the-board narrative for each Democrat and Democratic-friendly media company to parrot.
  5. Each media company picks truthful information and artfully presents it as news emphasizing that it’s the only relevant viewpoint. For example, to characterize voting integrity laws use terms like “voter restriction or suppression laws”, regardless of the actual intent of the Republican Party.
  6. Any viewpoint expressed contrary to the narrative is a “lie”.
  7. In concert everyone says the Republican Party is uncaring and/or incapable of a solution.
  8. They claim the Democratic Party is the only choice, not because they have a solution, but because they are the only remaining choice.
  9. The Republican Party either cowers or chooses to feed the narrative by going on TV and denying they are uncaring and/or incapable.
  10. Democrats further the narrative by labeling Republicans as racist, sexist, Russian-shills, oppressive, un-American, anti-immigration, anti-science, so on. White people are oppressors. Minorities are incapable of making basic decisions because of oppression.
  11. Democrats claim there is no proof of what Republicans claim, then they ignore there is no proof that their position is valid. For example, voter laws discussed below.

You can see it play out on every topic or policy they talk about. Republicans are always on the defensive, can’t overcome the continuous barrage and become bit players in the Democrats charade.

The on-going success of the Democratic Party playbook is ironic, given the fact they have never been a champion for any Americans, especially minorities. Their message convinces minorities that they are oppressed. And is convincing more and more white Americans, especially children, that they are oppressors.

Democratic Playbook Addendum

The Democratic Party smoothly diverts attention from their reckless activities by accusing the Republican Party and some members of equally reckless actions. Here are some examples:

  • Democrats ignored and downplayed nearly 700 riots from 10,000 protests in 2020 that caused billions of dollars in damage, injured hundreds of policemen and killed dozens of Americans. There were no calls to stand down, prosecute or allow federal law enforcement to stop rioters. Nancy Pelosi called Americans defending federal property jack booted and stormtroopers. In comparison the left labeled a single “riot” that shutdown Congress for a half day, upset legislators, and where five Americans died (two by homicide) as an “insurrection”.
  • Both sides, including the media, agree there was fraud in the 2020 election but downplayed it by saying the level of fraud did not rise to a level that would effect the outcome of the election. So, there is an acceptable level of illegal voting? In Nevada where I live, an absentee ballot was sent to everyone registered to vote. There was no way to assure who filled out and returned a ballot. I’m concerned that at least one ballot was returned by someone other than the voter, which may have cancelled my vote. Completing a previous resident’s ballot in the privacy of your home is undetectable. There has been no investigation because there were no possible witnesses. Everything must be done to assure that every legally cast vote is not cancelled by an illegal one. But the left continues to make claims that all of state legislature’s attempts to rewrite laws to avoid illegal voting are suppression.

    Real suppression has occurred here. It’s highly likely my vote got cancelled and the State of Nevada says there will be no investigation. And the Democratic majority in the Nevada Legislature just convened until 2023 without any laws that will protect my legal vote. Absolutely everything must be done to protect the millions of legal votes. Of course there are Americans that want to vote and need a ride or an ID, but it’s doubtful the number is high. We can easily help them. Just, five people used the State ID program in South Carolina. No one is being suppressed.

It’s a genius plan that is working well to maintain power at the expense of our freedoms.

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