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1. Pro-Choice. — Roe v Wade is a Woman’s Right to Privacy The US Constitution’s 14th Amendment right to privacy gives a woman seeking to abort a pregnancy a legal option to act in most cases. We can never return the way it was before 1973!
2. Humanize The Badge! — Americans are behind the badge! We ask nearly a million Americans to put on police uniforms daily and enforce the norms that we have agreed upon. The police are Us, not against Us. Low income, crime prone areas need policing more…
3. Guns: A Realistic Look. — Americans have a right to bear arms, not to protect Us from each other, but to protect Us from an out of control government. A 24/7, 365 day digital news stream and Americans fascination with infamy feeds gun violence.
4. Legal Immigration. — Enforce US Laws or Change Them! Americans came from another country, were born here from ancestors, or are a descendant of native Americans. About 600k Africans were brought here as slaves. Laws to protect our border, then patriate migrants are needed.
5. Healthcare Protections. — For Vulnerable Americans Private healthcare with protections, especially for pre-existing conditions, price gouging, and expanded senior support for Medicare. The most vulnerable Americans need nationwide protection.
6. Voter Integrity. — Protect Legally Cast Votes! Showing a REAL ID, only sending absentee ballots on request, and protect chain of ballot custody. Protecting the votes that are cast comes first. Improve American’s access with help getting a REAL ID should be on-going.
7. Climate Change. — Stewardship of a Healthy Planet Regardless of whether the science supporting Climate Change is valid, we all must agree that working together to maintain Earth as a healthy place for humans to thrive is a priority.
8. Campaign to Divide Us. — Americans will no longer tolerate an intentional campaign to divide us! Race, Racism, Income, Immigration, Healthcare, Guns, Police, Abortion, Crime, Protests, Climate and many other topics important to Americans are being used as pieces in a game of chess to win political power.
9. Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana. — Most States Accept Cannabis on Some Level The 1970 Federal law making marijuana a controlled-substance should be amended to better align with the acceptance of States and recent American votes.
10. Budget Priorities. — A Powerful Majority Can Unleash American Ingenuity Neither party offers plans for truly advancing the policy priorities of the majority of Americans. That’s because neither party ever has enough votes for relevant change and both parties will always oppose the other. And everyone knows it.
11. 21st Century Homestead Act (Opportunity Zones 2.0).—Dusting off the 19th century Homestead Act demonstrates how innovation can advance America. The value of the act can stand on its own to advance opportunities for people living in underserved communities. Or, as part of a greater plan that consolidates resources.
12. Federal Solar Co-ops. — Solar Electric useful installations and incentives are only available to a small group of Americans. Homeowners, with south-facing roofs or open land, that have the cash to buy the system & installation, are educated on the benefits of solar, the pro/con of purchase vs leasing a system and live in a State that requires utilities to offer net metering.

All Americans can benefit from solar electric regardless of those requirements with a Federal Solar Co-op program.
13. Belief Groups. — All Americans should have equal protection based on beliefs. No group, religious or secular, should have rights over another group. Constitutional protection of Americans who identify as LGBQT+ hasn’t been finalized despite a movement for LGBTQ rights. Most Americans agree that these groups should should have protections formally specified. It seems as though there is already and it just takes a key court decision to affirm it.
14. National Service 7 to 17 Investment Trusts. — Starting a budget from scratch with a clean slate that would put every Federal institution, department, program, job, asset to the side and rebuild it to be more efficient and operate with less than $4 trillion. It’s needed to make a much needed investment in American children.
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