The Powerful Silent Majority

Path the Middle

The Democratic and Republican Parties each represent a minority view of national priorities. We choose one of these parties to operate the federal government because they are the only choices. Regardless of the national priorities of most Americans.

The Middle Party national political campaign is based on the need to find and document common ground by identifying the national priorities of the majority of Americans. The obvious place to start is each of our positions on abortion. Most Americans believe we can’t return to the way things were before 1973 when aborting a pregnancy was criminal, unsafe and women were dying in secret non-medical rooms and girls were dying alone in their bedrooms. The position that Pro Choice doesn’t mean pro abortion will carry us forward.

The graphic above illustrates how I believe America’s Pro Choice majority can lead Americans move to the middle where common-sense priorities like supporting police, gun rights, lifting Americans out of poverty, protecting senior healthcare, voter integrity, and defending the US Constitution already exist and are the common ground Americans can share and use to return governing to the people.

All ideas outlined in a Podcast supported list of Articles at Common-Sense, Common Ground >

I believe the United States can no longer endure, nor should we tolerate the continued polarization of only a red or blue party. We’re much more diverse of a nation to only have a choice of just black or white, neither one representing the national priorities of the majority of Americans. A new political party is needed to represent that majority’s position. Third parties, and the Democratic & Republican parties, have all failed because they didn’t represent that majority. The Middle Party will have a well-defined position and will represent the position of most of us. Whatever that position may be. Parties, all claiming to represent the People have completely tuned the will of the People out.

There are some key reasons our nation has arrived here. Leveraging these points will help this movement succeed:

  • Church influence has anchored the Republican Party into a Pro Life position that most Americans don’t support.
  • The Democratic Party is perpetuating a class war that pits Americans against Americans based on race, outrageous McCarthy-like claims and anything else they can use to divide Us. Americans are growing weary of it.
  • The Republican Party is continuously bombarded by this well-organized effort to defame conservatives and can rarely make meaningful progress. The party is continuously on the defense against the left’s accusations. But American’s, I believe, appreciate the conservative principle that less government control and better budget management makes more sense.
  • The Republican Party’s Achilles heel is their ironic opposition to the US Supreme Court Roe v Wade decision. Ironic because in 1973 a 6-3 Republican Supreme Court majority decided the case, and the obvious contrast to the party’s position of less government interference.
  • It’s the Republican Party’s position on Roe v Wade and their inability to defend against the left wing that has led me to begin this effort. I have always been a Republican, but I’m Pro Choice.
  • Mismanagement of our tax money and trillions of dollars of borrowing that our children and grandchildren will have to cope with later must stop and repayment must start.
  • A decade ago the ill-fated national Tea Party movement lacked policy specifics but gained national relevance and pulled the Republican Party further right. These demonstrated views are mobile and can move Americans’ positions.
  • Since most Americans are already in the middle, this campaign will arrive as a welcome relief.

The reason that I believe another conservative party will succeed is outlined in Common-Sense, Common Ground articles. It starts by embracing Pro Choice to bring more Americans to the Middle from both sides. Success continues, then progresses by agreeing on a list of common-sense principles outlined between now and Labor Day 2021 in those articles.

Believing 3/5ths of Americans can agree on anything is a bold statement. This is not an overnight campaign. This is a election period by election period on-going process that will need years to achieve and will need to be rinsed and repeated as needed, so that the priorities of the American majority are always represented.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Ask yourself these questions.

Does the US political party that you’ve chosen continue to represent your priorities?

Do you believe it’s time for another choice?

Is it time for a US political party that speaks for the powerful majority of Americans that recognize common-sense?

Do you believe the two-party system is broken?

Are you seeking Hope?

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