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Roe v Wade—Most Americans agree that we can’t go back to the way things were before 1973. The 118th Congress will address erosions to our 14th Amendment rights to privacy and liberty for abortion and overreach during the pandemic.

Medicare for All Seniors—Consolidated healthcare decisions and administration into a government as large as the United States is impractical. Pursuing a no way back path would lead to unneeded economic uncertainty and stifle innovation.

What is affordable, needed and I believe would be a priority of most Americans is Total Medicare for Seniors. No American drawing Social Security should have to spend a dollar of that hard earned money to pay for any healthcare.

Immigration—Political messaging has created certainty that we will not govern entry into our country, and has long been a beacon for anyone around the world to travel here to enter and live anonymously. That policy has lead to millions of people living and working here as residents. They are as clearly residents of the country. The governing party inviting them here literally makes them common law resident. Ignoring that millions of people are living here anonymously makes no sense. Let’s reset and bring them out of the shadows.

Even so, we must know who is entering our country to keep us safe. Political messaging that announces conduct contrary to law must stop. Any program to normalize the relationship between this largely anonymous population must be written with an immediate cut-off date and a zero-tolerance for not participating and entering the country outside a legal port of entry. Tightening border security to reduce smuggling of all kinds should be modernized and strictly enforced.

Programs to arrange temporary labor and asylum should all be conducted at our embassies or other locations established outside of the United States.

Education—This is where I’ll differ with much of the Party. The Department of Education provides about 10% of the funding for most school districts and uses that influence to dictate standards. Unfunded costs pile up while districts pay to keep that Federal funding, which erodes with admin costs.

Department of Education resources should be redistributed and the department eliminated.

The more important education that the Federal government should otherwise focus on is perpetually under-resourced Transitional Training. Which can broadly be characterized as any 18 and over education needed by Americans who are experiencing a change, student to adult, prisoner to freedom, military to civilian, foster care child aging out, someone who has been out of the workforce for many, many reasons, like a recently divorced Mother. So much more.

Any American who needs help making it to the next level of life or needs help getting established. Training for people in these situations is usually non-existent, unaffordable and distributed. Any type of training that can be anticipated, then centralized, structured to share resources and offer temporary support to large groups of students would work to help Americans quickly learn skills and find related work.

Taxes—Little that the Congress does effects the income levels from taxes. Each Census year since 1930, except for after the 2008 recession, tax revenues have doubled. Even after the 2017 tax cuts, revenues have risen each year. Obsession with percentages that the wealthy pay and the gap between the wealthiest Americans and what the rest of us pay are over dramatized for politics.

The fact is, the IRS collects about $4 Trillion a year, which works out to about $12,000 each. I didn’t pay $48,000 for my family of four because the wealthy did pay more. The wealthy follow the laws to pay the least amount of taxes by law. Congress makes the laws. A rational minimum tax that caps deductions might be the only thing that I’d consider changing in the 118th Congress.

Annual Budget—Budgeting of $4 Trillion with a sort of fill in the blank method to simply fund everything that exists without detailed reviews will need to stop. Completely rebuilding the budget is the keystone of being able to eliminate waste, redundancy and share resources across Departments.

The Military does training better than any organization in history in both efficiency and scope. A peacetime military could share resources and help ramp up the Transitional Training program at central locations discussed above.

Energy Policy—Congress must make steps to establish economic certainty of the oil industry.

As a giant first step for Planet Stewardship, all 1400 US coal-powered electric plants will need to be refitted to use cleaner burning natural gas. Poor health, death and massive CO2 output can be related directly to this activity and should no longer be tolerated.

27,600 coal-fired electric plants are operating elsewhere. Just 5% of those plants produce 75% of the World’s CO2 in that sector. US policy to encourage those plants conversion is critical.

We’ve been doing Nuclear energy safely for decades, with over 400 plants generating electricity around the world on very little land and zero CO2 emissions. US policy and enthusiasm for nuclear energy should be adopted quickly.

I will consider all policies based on these common-sense standards:

  1. Is it an Affordable Priority of most Americans? Do we really want it?
  2. Does it Unite Us with actual liberal listening and considerations?
  3. Does it Keep Us Safe?
  4. Will it contribute to Economic Certainty?
  5. Will it create Equality of Opportunity?
  6. Does the policy avoid favoring one group over another group?
  7. After all the bills are totaled, can we still afford it?
  8. Indebting future families should only be considered if we can’t afford to wait until another budget period.
  9. Every Department in the Federal Government will be vulnerable to cuts or elimination based on these standards.
  10. Every Department will be required to share resources with other Departments, as determined by Congress.
  11. Each policy should be offered on its own merits, in its own bill. Omnibus bills are anti-productive.
  12. Above all, does the policy firmly adhere to the principals of the US Constitution.

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