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Ideas for a political platform that consider the affordable priorities of most Americans.

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American Priorities are No Longer Represented

A Republic no longer exists and Americans no longer have true representation in Congress. Representatives and Senators only represent their minority party label with little or no interaction with the Americans who hired them.

National Service 7 to 17 Investment Trusts

Starting a budget from scratch with a clean slate that would put every Federal institution, department, program, job, asset to the side and rebuild it to be more efficient and operate with less than $4 trillion. It's needed to make a much needed investment in American children.

Belief Groups

Podcast Audio All Americans should have equal protection based on beliefs. No group, religious or secular, should have rights over another group. Constitutional protection of Americans who identify as LGBQT+ hasn’t been finalized despite a Read more…

Insurrection Folly

At the point when protesters at the Capitol on 1/6 pushed forward to break in, what was the message about protests and rioting from the US Government and media? The message was protesting is an Read more…

Federal Solar Co-ops

Podcast Audio Solar Electric installation and incentives are only available to a small group of Americans. Those Americans who own a home with southern facing roofs or open land, that have the cash to buy Read more…

21st Century Homestead Act

Podcast Audio As part of post Civil War reconstruction the US Government passed several laws that comprised a Homestead Act. The act basically offered surveyed Federal land to adult citizens to build a house and Read more…

Fort OZ, Nevada

Can America’s Majority Take Back Governing to Add Innovation To National Priorities? Las Vegas scale training opportunities for all Americans. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”—Wizard of Oz There is a yellow brick Read more…

Budget Priorities

I make insights here that repurpose tax money to expand on an existing program called Opportunity Zones. It's a plan that incentivizes investment of private money to supplement tax dollars to help Americans living in over 8,000 areas designated by each State and accepted by the IRS as being "underserved".

COVID-19 Failures

It has seemed likely from the early days of the lockdowns that the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute where it was being studied. It took media over a year to begin reporting and somewhat Read more…

Campaign to Divide Us

Podcast Audio Americans will no longer tolerate an intentional campaign to divide us! This article isn’t intended to address Race or Racism as an issue, because it’s not an issue in America, except when it’s Read more…

Voter Integrity

Podcast Audio Protect Legally Cast Votes! I live in Nevada. The State of Nevada sent out mail-in ballots to every registered voter for the 2020 General Election. I happily used my ballot to vote early Read more…

Climate Change

Podcast Audio This article started as a non-scientific perspective of the politically charged issue of Climate Change and Global Warming. It evolved while I wrote it to consider Climate Change and Global Warming as a Read more…

Legal Immigration

Podcast Audio Every American came from another country, was born here from those ancestors, or is a descendant of native Americans. People have come here from all corners of the world for a better life. Read more…

Guns: A Realistic Look

Podcast Audio It’s common-sense that laws keep honest people honest. This is a free society. Americans have a right to bear arms, not to protect Us from each other, but to protect Us from an Read more…

Unburden Armed Police

We ask nearly a million Americans to put on police uniforms daily and enforce the norms that we have agreed upon. The police are us, not against us. Americans behind the badge.

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